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M-PHAZES Breaksdown a beat for you 

Here’s an interesting video I just found on the net…it is M-Phazes showing you the creation process behind a beat he made for his new album, now available on iTunes.

I think the “bright drums” he speaks about near the end are Led Zeppelin’s “When the levee breaks”!!

Congrats Jay-Z and Beyoncé 

Last night, Beyoncé gave birth to a little girl! Apparently they will call her Blue Ivy Carter!

Twitter was overloaded with tweets from celebrities all across the globe congratulating the couple for their newborn.





C’est hier que Beyoncé a donné naissance au premier enfant de Jay-Z. Il s’agit d’une petite fille qui sera nommé Blue Ivy Carter selon les rumeurs!


Producer battle : Best Kept Secret VS. Dr. Dre 

                                V S


Le dernier morceau de T.I. produit par Dr. Dre circule présentement sur le net dû à la récente mise en ligne de son dernier projet : F*ck Da City Up. Plusieurs rumeurs circulent sur le web mentionnant qu’il s’agirait d’un morceau de l’album DETOX de Dr. Dre qui aurait été coupé de ce dernier.

En plus, il s’agirait d’un vieux beat repris par le fameux docteur!! Écoutez plus haut un track qui date de 2009 que Wale avait sur son album Attention Deficit.

Donc, qu’en pensez-vous…..DRE ou BKS ?!?!?!?!?!

Pour moi la réponse est simple : DRE ALL DAY!!!


Some Mobb Deep News…

Apparently the Mobb is dropping a new album soon!

To be more specific, it’s set to drop on Black Tuesday : October 29th!!
I hope the content in the lyrics will be there, I guess P has a lot to say…but most of all, my expectations are really high when I think about production on the album : the beats!!!!

There’s that new wave of cheesy beats album going on nowadays, and I DONT LIKE THAT. Please Havoc, get back to those grimmy sampled beats you used to make back in da days!
I still listen to them golden era jewels of album up to this day! Please try to match that kind of quality and feel in your new album guys!!

Cant wait to listen to it!!!

X-Factor – Chris Rene…what more can I say 


I just stumbled upon this on youtube and….I almost cryed…

This is one of those moments that touch everyone out there, and you’re going to understand as soon as you watch the video…
Troubled past doesnt always mean bad ending and this is one of those examples…
I really wish this guy the best and to get that 5 million dollar contract….but over everything…I wish he stays clean!!! Peace Chris Rene!!

Hugh Heffner Planking!!! 

Funny!!!! Kind of!!


I'm a millionaire so I have time to do stupid things like.....PLANKING!!!!

Geo Godly X-Factor Audition….UNCENSORED

Wow!!! This guy sings a song called : Mr Stud!!!


Claims he is classically trained in piano and that then he moved on to programming and recording….but…when they press play…its a totally different statement….

Then he starts singing is already famous song “IM A STUD”….

Have a good one watching this freako!!!

…and if someone actually gets to see the uncensored movie of it : IS HE REALLY A STUD !??!?!?!